Frequently Asked Questions

How does Real Estate For Life work?

It's very simple. You or a friend or family member is looking to buy or sell a house, office, or any kind of domestic or commercial property anywhere in the world. You call Real Estate For Life on 1-877-LIFE-US1 and we set you up with an expert agent with a proven track-record from a local franchised broker or strong independent. This agent is happy to get new business and so, when the sale is completed, give a portion of their fee to Real Estate For Life as a referral fee. Real Estate For Life gives 80% of that fee to one of the pro-life organizations we work with. On a house with a value of $150,000, that means $1000 dollars goes to the pro-life organization - all without costing you a penny! Real Estate For Life is a great way to not only get a superb agent, but also to help a pro-life group at no cost to you!


Will this cost me anything and will I have a ProLife sign on my lawn?

No - this costs you absolutely nothing and the agent uses their local company's sign. What Real Estate For Life does is direct an existing fee towards a pro-life organization of your choice. There is no additional cost, but the benefit to the pro-life group is great!


Will I get a good agent?

Yes. We have been connecting our clients with experienced, professional agents throughout Worldwide for over 25 years.

You will get an agent with a proven track-record from a well-known, profession broker; this agent is willing to donate a percentage of his commission to a pro-life organization as a referral fee.


What if I already know the agent I want to use?

Provided you haven’t called the agent, Real Estate For Life will contact the agent and start the process.


What if I am already working with an agent?

Real Estate For Life has to refer you to an agent for a fee to be collected and for the pro-life organization to benefit.


What are the benefits of using Real Estate for Life?

The purpose of Real Estate For Life is to give donations to Pro-Life organizations through incoming Real Estate referrals. The approved agents in North America and worldwide know we are Christian and ProLife, however their first job is to provide complete Real Estate service.


Can this work with foreclosures & short sales?

Yes, absolutely. This works with all real estate transactions. If an agent is involved, a referral fee is sent and that fee can be directed to the pro-life organization of your choice.


I'm not in the market right now, can I still use the program?

Yes, absolutely. You can recommend the program to a friend, neighbor or family member. Or, just call us to see how we can work together in the future.


Sounds good. How do I get more information?

If you have additional questions please visit our Contact page.


How can my pro-life organization benefit from Real Estate for Life?

If you would like Real Estate for Life to help support your pro-life organization, please email us at